Paint remover

Caustic soda used for paint remove
Caustic soda used for paint remover

Caustic soda as a paint remover

Paint remover ,Caustic soda is well known for its properties for stripping paint. It allows to remove the layers of paint or varnish as quickly as possible and with the least fatigue. We can use it as a solvent-based paint stripper. Caustic soda is an excellent stripper for wood and metals. Using soda lye reduces the risk of surface damage that may occur using other methods.

Why is caustic soda used as a paint remover?

Paint remover , typically sodium hydroxide (also known as lye or caustic soda), work by breaking down the chemical bonds of the paint, usually by hydrolysis of the chain bonds of the polymers forming the paint. A solution of sodium hydroxide in water was traditionally used as the most common paint stripper. However, it seems that an effective and cheap alternative to the mechanical removal of paints and coatings from the surface.

Caustic soda remove paint from concrete

The most common utilize of paint stripper along with water is Caustic soda and Trisodium phosphate hydrolyzed and decompose the paints and that can be removed.

Process of remove paint with 10% aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide

Caustic soda is the most popular preparation to remove paint is. To prepare it, measure the right amount of caustic soda and gradually pour water into it, while stirring the contents in the container vigorously.

 How much caustic soda does need to strip paint

For paint stripping need to Add 250g Caustic Soda to 1 litter of cold water. Apply carefully with an old paint brush.

Caustic soda used for paint remove