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Planting industry and caustic soda

 Planting industry and caustic soda , or in other words its chemical name, sodium hydroxide, is known as a corrosive substance that works especially well on organic materials such as soil, food, and hair. This substance can be dissolved in water, which is one of the reasons it works so well on clogged drains, and also NaOH is usually used to adjust the pH of the medium and to prepare the storage solution of growth regulators in plant tissue culture.

Application of caustic soda in neutralization of acidic soil

At planting industry caustic soda is uses to neutralize acidic environments, which explains its frequent use in the production of chemicals. Because sodium hydroxide is a very strong base, it is often used to absorb acidic secretions or gases that can be neutralized with a base. Caustic potash is usually a white solid that can dissolve in less than its own weight in water. It has universal applications in soaps and detergents, fertilizers and industrial operations.

Is caustic soda harmful to plants?

Caustic soda can kill many invasive trees when applied directly to a cut stump. and also 96% of all pesticides are produced using chlorine.

 Effects of caustic soda for planting industry

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also called caustic soda or lemon, is a corrosive white crystalline solid that contains the cation Na + (sodium) and the anion OH – (hydroxide). It easily absorbs moisture until it dissolves.

The low salt index and high solubility of potassium hydroxide make it ideal for mixing liquid fertilizers. Potassium strengthens the root system of plants, which enhances disease resistance in plants, increases yield and overall quality of crops, prevents wilting and improves drought tolerance of crops.

Scientists can use sodium hydroxide to absorb carbon dioxide from the air so that plants do not use it in photosynthesis.

Sodium hydroxide is used to remove the skin of tomatoes, potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables for canning, and is also used as an ingredient in food preservatives to help prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in food.


Caustic soda in planting industry
Caustic soda in planting industry