Caustic Soda Countries

 We are Exporter Caustic soda from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Iran and China

Caustic Soda Countries, We are the  manufacture and exporter  of Caustic soda from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Iran & China to all part of the world.

Basekim exported caustic soda from China

Sodium hydroxide, Caustic Soda or NaOH is versatile chemicals, widely used reactant with acids, oxides and metals.
Sodium hydroxide in solid form, is an inorganic chemical compound belonging to the strongest alkali. In solid form, it is a white substance with crystalline appearance (flakes). It has hygroscopic properties. It is perfectly soluble in water, forming corrosive soda lye, which is accompanied by the release of significant amounts of heat. These flasks are durable, resistant to abrasion, easy to clean and capacious.

We are supplier caustic soda from Turkey

Caustic soda mainly acts as a reagent or basic solution for the production of organic chemicals. Organic chemicals from caustic soda to produce various products such as methanol, sulfites, phosphates, hydroxyethyl cellulose, carboxymethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, polyurethane, cellulose ether, methyl cellulose, propylene oxide, polycarbonate, ethylene oxide, polycarbonate, they use ethylene pyroxamine.

Basekim company is supplier caustic soda from UAE

Our company produces the industrial-class ionic membrane caustic soda mainly including caustic soda flakes (98%, 99%), solid (96%-99%) and pearl(99%) that whose chemical name is sodium hydroxide. and favored deeply by the international market and domestic fine chemical fields. Our company strictly follows the national standards GB209 (2006) to produce caustic soda and export products having qualitative organization (CIQ and SGS, BV) test.

Exported Caustic soda from SAUDI ARABIA

Our company export caustic soda in flakes, which is an inorganic chemical that belongs to the strongest bases. also BASEKIM Caustic Soda is produced by membrane electrolysis, which is currently the most modern technology in the world. This technology uses significantly less energy compared to other methods for producing sodium hydroxide.

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