Caustic soda prills

caustic soda pearls

What is caustic soda prills?

Caustic soda prills are solid small fused white pearls its colorless also odorless and very hygroscopic. They are very soluble in water and dissolve very rapidly with intense heat in caustic soda; they are readily soluble in methanol and ethanol. Caustic soda prills and caustic soda solutions are very corrosive to many materials and must be handled with great care.
Caustic Soda Prills Formulated using high quality components and advanced technologies. They are used in various applications due to their purity, long shelf life and precise composition. They can be easily dissolved in water to save dissolution time. They ensure highest purity of prills and thus high yield/productivity. In addition, QCD has advanced instrumentation to perform special tests upon request.

Caustic soda pearls advantages

Caustic Soda Pearls is a high purity solid anhydrous sodium hydroxide in the form of micro spherical particles (prils, pearls). This microspherical solid has several advantages over flakes or other forms:

  • Uniform and optimum size to facilitate good mixing in dry blends with excellent flow properties.
  • Its are hard and break resistant. They don’t break down easily into irritating dust and therefore have lower moisture absorption, which reduces the risk of clumping and reduces dust exposure to people handling the product.
  • dissolve faster and require less time to stir.
  • Being a denser product than flakes, less space is required for the same weight, optimizing the use of storage space and minimizing transportation costs
  • Ultra high purity Free flowing, milky white granules
  • excellent flow properties
  • low tendency to stick together
  • excellent air transport properties
  • high abrasion resistance
  • minimal dust formation
  • well suited for transport in road tankers, containers and big bags
    very good storability in silos precise dosage
  • rapidly soluble in water, methanol and ethanol

which industry use prills and pearls caustic soda

Caustic soda pearls and Caustic Soda prills are used in many different applications, most notably as a base material in the chemical industry, for the production of aluminum, pulp and paper, surfactants such as soaps, detergents and washing powders, and as a catalyst for the production of biodiesel. Other applications include detergents and disinfectants, the production of pulp and the refining of rayon fibers, the cleaning of metal and wood, the regeneration of ion exchange resins, the production of food and beverages, and the treatment of drinking water, industrial water, wastewater and exhaust air cleaning, Neutralization of acids Aluminum metal Dyes and pharmaceuticals Petroleum products, Vegetable oil processing Pulp and paper ,Cellulose wool Rubber chemicals Sodium salts.

caustic soda prills

Storage and packing of caustic prills pearls

Caustic soda pearls must be stored in steel drum or other well-sealed packaging, thickness of packaging must be more than 0.5 mm, compression resistance of packaging must more than 0.5Pa. All packagingmust be printed “Corrosive” symbol. Keep container tightly closed and in a cool, well-ventilated area.Never add water to this product. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment.Keep away from incompatibles such as oxidizers, reducing agents, metals, acids, alkalis, moisture. Incase of burning, use water, sand or fire extinguisher to put out fire, however, please pay attention to the corrosive liquid when caustic soda pearls are solved in water.


Physical and chemical properties of pearls caustic soda

Form Microspheres: 0.50 – 2.00 mm dia.
Appearance Deliquescent solid
Colour White
Odour None


Content in NaOH 99.0 % (minimum)
NaCl 0.046 % wt (max)
Na2CO3 0.94 % (max)
Na2SO4 0.038 % (max)
Fe 5 ppm (wt) (max)
Ni pick-up 3 ppm (wt) (max)